C-Leg Series RTW Tables Easy-Lift Series PedSys Series Flow Racks Solution Series Common Workstation Configurations
PedSys Series Storage Packages Worksurfaces
Discover the difference an organized workspace can make. PedSys Series benches, drawers and cabinets bring flexible and orderly storage to your laboratory, research department, warehouse or manufacturing facility.
  1. Choose your PedSys Work Bench shell(left storage, right storage or storage on both sides.)
  2. Choose your worksurface material and size.
  3. Choose your drawer configuration from PedSys Storage Package options.

Left-Side Storage Right-Side Storage Left & Right-Side Storage Storage Packages
Left Side
Choose left-side storage with this PedSys bench style.
Left Side
Choose right-side storage with this PedSys bench style.
Left & Right Side
Storage on both sides of the workstation maximizes space and efficiency.
Storage Packages
Storage packages are essential components of the PedSys Series. Discover a variety of drawer and cabinet combinations.