Lighting Workspace Organization Enclosures Shelving Drawers & Cabinets Computer Accessories Footrests Additional Services
When operators have their full worksurface to perform daily tasks, productivity and ergonomics follow. Using Production Basics accessories in the vertical space above the work area will provide maximum efficiency. Our complete line of accessories provides a home for the tools and supplies the operator uses every day.
Lighting Workspace Organization Enclosures Shelving Drawers & Cabinets
Our light units ease operator eyestrain while increasing available light on the worksurface. All units feature energy efficient electronic ballasts to ensure flicker-free operation.
Our Workspace Organization section shows you how specialized accessories for items you use every day can make your job easier.
Our enclosures offer privacy, document presentation, tool or bin storage. Choose an enclosure that completes your workstation.
Adding shelves to your work bench increases productivity by removing seldom used instruments, tools and documentation from the immediate worksurface. We offer a variety of shelving options to help you store and organize your daily work supplies.
Choose from stackable or pedestal drawers to store files, tools and supplies.
Computer Accessories Footrests Additional Services
Properly positioning your operator’s computer equipment can guard against cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. We offer several types of monitor arms and keyboard trays to help you keep your facility injury free.
Footrests relieve lower back pressure and create a more ergonomic work space for the operator. Choose a frame mounted or free-standing style and adjust it to your operator’s comfort level.
Additional Services make your life easier by helping you install workstations, matching colors, shipping your product to your door faster and more.