C-Leg Series RTW Tables Easy-Lift Series PedSys Series Flow Racks Solution Series Common Workstation Configurations
Stand-Alones Back-to-Backs Quads Add-ons & Corners Frames & Legs Worksurfaces
Create cells and unique configurations with C-Leg Series workbenches. Our modular double-sided frames and shared legs bring your closer to an ergonomically sound facility that is ready to grow as your business grows.
Stand-Alones Back-To-Backs Quads Add-Ons & Corners
Start with this kit to create your ideal workstation set-up.
This system includes a double- sided frame for free-standing dual workbench configurations.
Construct a four-station configuration ideal for cell manufacturing.
Add-Ons & Corners
Add productive work space and create cells.
Frames & Legs Worksurfaces
Frames & Legs
Heavy-duty frames and legs create a durable support structure for your daily tasks. Height adjustable and modular.
Several worksurface styles and materials are available to customize your workbench to the task.