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Need: A manufacturer of hearing aid amplifiers had a variety of workstations in the laboratory, some created in-house and some nearing the end of their service. The lab manager required a professional looking workspace and workstation features that made employee supervision easy.

Solution: Production Basics initially developed an eight-foot work table for evaluation. The workstation included a short, four foot high frame for supervisor visibility and a lower shelf for heavy instruments. Installing this technical furniture was a major change in aesthetics for a leading producer of hearing aid amplifiers, giving them a more professional image and instilling confidence in customers who visited their facility. The employees were also more motivated to come to work at their organized, fresh workstations.

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Need: Clean room workstations to organize supplies, microscopes and ionizers while providing exceptional lighting.

Solution: Cleanroom work benches were set up in groups of six stations where fiber optic cable splicing was being performed.

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Need: Genova Diagnostics is a provider of clinical laboratory tests that include nutritional, endocrinology, metabolic, immunology and gastrointestinal assessments. New lab benches were required after a recent lab remodel.

Solution: Genova selected RTW Tables for their lab with custom routing for wire management. Undersurface shelves created extra storage and tables were set at various heights for sitting and standing tasks.

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