General Assembly & Manufacturing Electronics Manufacturing Material Handling & Packaging Laboratory

Your facility demands flexibility and static protection. Whether your business is contract manufacturing, medical devices, wiring, repair or testing, you need ESD workstations that protect and perform. Our reach reducing accessories and height adjustability enhances operator productivity and comfort.


  • ESD Worksurface includes integrated ground bolt and static dissipative laminate to ensure rapid charge drainage.
  • Frame systems above the worksurface help you store and organize tools, components, supplies and equipment.
  • Standard height adjustability from 30”-36” for operator comfort.
  • Overhead Lighting enhances ambient light to reduce eyestrain for precision work.
  • All workstations are caster-compatible for quick reconfigurations, accommodating the fluctuations of your business.


> Stand-Alone Station,
ESD Worksurface

> RTW Table with Riser Shelf,
ESD Worksurface

> 20-tray PCB Transporter
> Slide Line
> Bin Rail and 3-inch Bin
Rail Extension

> ESD Quad Jack
> Overhead Light
> Shelving