Custom Products

Production Basics offers several standard workstation configurations, but sometimes a custom unit will push your facility to the next level of efficiency. Our engineers can create high-quality workstations with special materials, sizes, finishes and configurations to fit your requirements.


This station improves product accessibility and assists with inventory management. Using gravity flow conveyor, product can be presented for maximum operator convenience. The flow rack can be added to a C-Leg station or other work table. Using adjustable joiner brackets the depth of the flow rack can be modified to suit each application. Standard flow rack components are also available.


The growth of cell manufacturing has led to a demand for setting up efficient workstation groups. This has improved production flow, reduced product handling and encouraged solid ergonomic practices. Each configuration can be set up using our standard or custom workstation components to meet the requirements of the specific application. This includes the use of surface mounted pneumatic pop up balls and skate wheels which facilitate easier product handling within an operator’s work area and from one station to another.


This configuration is an efficient combination of height adjustability, storage accessories, material handling and mobility. A hand-crank height adjustable work table accommodates several operators and shifts. Storage above and below the main work area keeps necessary materials handy, while the worksurface stays clutter free and organized. This configuration can be easily paired with an existing or new conveyor system. Integrated with heavy-duty casters, the fulfillment center moves with you during process changes.


We created a tote cart with a storage drawer to accommodate your standard tote boxes. Use the tote cart for commonly used items at your work area or to transport product or materials. The storage drawer is constructed of metal and supported by ball bearing drawer slides. Tote slides can be adjusted to support various tote sizes. Mobility options include 2” casters or heavy-duty 4” casters depending on your application.

Need a Custom Built Workstation?

How To Decide?

1. What is your application?

2. What are your requirements: Weight, Capacity, Size, Material, Function?

3. What is your facility / department layout?

4. If you need amterial conveyance, what is the size and weight of the material?

5. Does the unit need to be mobile?

6. Do you require height adjustability?