Industry Case Studies

View our industry case studies from clients and partners.

General Assembly & Manufacturing


Problem: Needed workstations for the designing and manufacturing of fiber optic testing equipment.

Solution: Fifty stations were configured in a linear fashion complete with drawers, shelving, power and lights. Digital Lightwave introduced wire carts to make it easy to move, store and transport supplies and products.

Electronics Manufactoring


Problem: Needed workstations for assembly, inspection and testing of computer systems.

Solution: The customer evaluated seven other workstation manufacturers before choosing a custom workstation from Production Basics. The work benches were eight feet long, split into five-foot and 3-foot wide section. These sections allowed operators to separate tasks and reduce reaching, improving workstation ergonomics.

Material Handling & Packaging


Problem: Gillette was looking for a safe, but industrially durable way to transport supplies in their facility.

Solution: Custom stations with fixed ball transfer units, facilitates handling and transfer of heavy items, such as large boxes of blades & razors.



Problem: A manufacturer of hearing aid amplifiers had a variety of workstations in the laboratory, some created in-house and some nearing the end of their service. The lab manager required a professional looking workspace and workstation features that made employee supervision easy.

Solution: Production Basics initially developed an eight-foot work table for evaluation. The workstation included a short. 4 foot high frame for supervisor visibility and a lower shelf for heavy instruments. Installing this technical furniture was a major change in aesthetics for a leading producer of hearing aid amplifiers, giving them a more professional image and instilling confidence in customers who visited their facility. The employees were also more motivated to come to work at their organized, fresh workstations.