Custom Products

Production Basics offers several standard workstation configurations, but sometimes a custom unit will push your facility to the next level of efficiency. Our engineers can create high-quality workstations with special materials, sizes, finishes and configurations to fit your requirements.


Our laboratory workstation features a phenolic resin worksurface and accessories to help organize your lab area. This particular lab bench features an RTW table with pedestal drawers, sound absorbing tack board, laminate shelving and overhead lighting. You can also choose a C-Leg Series workbench and add accessories and workstations appropriate for your laboratory. Specialized cabinet and shelving can also be designed to organize and secure paperwork, equipment and glassware.


Maintain your clean room requirements with our portable clean hood. The free-standing hood allows you to create a portable filtered air workspace. The clean hood rolls behind your workstation and encloses the area with vinyl curtains. The top frame of the clean hood has a cutout to accommodate overhead fan or filter units.

Need a Custom Built Workstation?

How To Decide?

1. What is your application?

2. What are your requirements: Weight, Capacity, Size, Material, Function?

3. What is your facility / department layout?

4. If you need amterial conveyance, what is the size and weight of the material?

5. Does the unit need to be mobile?

6. Do you require height adjustability?