Electronics Manufacturing


Create your ideal workstation starting with this kit. This system includes all the necessary components and hardware to construct a single station. Appropriate for all applications. Frame height is 64" tall unless otherwise specified.

To create your ideal workstation, try our on-line
3D Workstation Configurator


The RTW Table is rugged, stable and ergonomic. The height adjustability range of the work table allows comfort for almost any worker and proves functional for a variety of tasks.

To create your ideal RTW Work Table, try our on-line
3D Workstation Configurator


You’ll make one of the best investments in ergonomics with a Hand Crank Adjustable Table--a must for multi-shift operations. This adjustable work table provides crank-assisted height adjustment from 30” to 42”, accommodating both sitting and standing tasks safely and comfortably. Dual Leg work bench supports up to 400 pounds.

To create your ideal Easy-Lift workstation, try our on-line
3D Workstation Configurator


Designed to be used as an ESD testing workstation. Features a heavy-duty instrumentation shelf, adjustable C-Legs and our Upright Open Frame to hold a variety of ergonomic accessories.


Transport your printed circuits boards easily and safely with out PCB Transporter.


Use this mobile work table as a cart or when you need extra space alongside your workbench. Lower shelf provides extra storage and a push-pull handle makes it easy to move around your production facility.




This specialized table has several features that move you towards ergonomic wire harness assembly. The table starts with height-adjustable support legs. The operator also uses a hand crank to tilt the angle of the surface for harness assembly. Instead of a solid surface, the work platform is a grid of small channels with security clamps. This channel and clamp feature accommodates a variety of board sizes and allows for the most ergonomic placement of the harness board. Other features include a clamp-lip that secures the board and is adjustable based on the thickness of the board. The table can include leveling feet for stationary positioning or casters for mobility.


Use this station when you need ample room for product testing, team projects, large format paper plans, product design, test or analysis. A special hinged leaf with removable post leg provides extra workspace when needed, but can be easily stowed when not in use. It makes full use of corner space and includes integrated shelves for storage and multiple power sources for wasy electrical access, especially for equipment testing. Tack board enclosure provides functional storage along with privacy and sound absorption.

How To Decide?

1. What is your application?

2. What are your requirements: Weight, Capacity, Size, Material, Function?

3. What is your facility / department layout?

4. If you need amterial conveyance, what is the size and weight of the material?

5. Does the unit need to be mobile?

6. Do you require height adjustability?