PedSys Series

Discover the difference an organized workspace can make. PedSys Series benches, drawers and cabinets bring flexible and orderly storage to your laboratory, research department, warehouse or manufacturing facility


This PedSys Work Bench shell provides storage on the RIGHT side. Select a size, choose a worksurface material, and the fill your pedestal-based bench with one of our Storage Packages. PedSys Series Work Benches are fixed height units at 30" or 36" high. Appropriate for manufacturing, assembly and laboratory applications.


Make the best use of the vertical space above and on both sides of your work bench. For Easy Lift Dual Leg workstations use Uprights listed here. For RTW, PedSys or Easy Lift 4-post workstations use Uprights listed here. Compatible with most standard accessories for full workspace functionality.

Workstations By Industry

Production Basics makes it easy for you to order workstations for your daily, specific tasks. We've grouped productive workstations and accessories together so you spend less time specifying and more time focusing on your business.


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